Peace is abundant
In a place among the clouds
Just beyond our reach

In a world filled with madness, come find your peace here at isladiwa. Stories of success, abundance, and joywe’re here to rejoice with you. isladiwa is a diverse community space that aims to bring together beneficiaries along with artists to collaborate and assist people, animals, and other creatures in the Philippines! Come find your peace in this small, yet welcoming world of ours. 

Founded on March 2021, The project isladiwa was birthed as a discord community. From self-improvement to tackling a larger scale of environmental dilemmas, we aim to support others with collective efforts yet create a bigger impact in this world. 

The name of the project, isladiwa, was derived from the words “isla” meaning island, and “diwa”, meaning soul, spirit, and sense. With these words combined, isladiwa alludes to the island of souls.

isladiwa is yours to protect, preserve, and cherish. Forevermore.” 

No longer unreached
So long as you love your own
You are welcome here

I’m ReiKo, a 23 year old Dentistry student from PH who loves animals, traveling, games, nature, surfing, and making friends all over the globe. I started the isladiwa Discord server with the help of Mr. Wolf and got further involved with my love for learning/exploring art and crypto. I’m glad I came across Cardano that I resonate so much with its vision and goals.

Hi! I’m Diorjette, a 24 year old Filipina. Currently working as a concept artist. Watching animated movies and playing games has always been something I really enjoyed, and I wanted to be able to make or be a part of that industry as an artist. Now I’m glad to say that I’m currently on that path.

Hey everyone! I’m Wolf, 26 year old Artist in the Philippines. I have a pure love all forms of Art, People, Community building, and Communication. I enjoy connecting with a lot of people and seeing the world in different point of views to know their realities and merging it to mine.

For one of my beliefs is exploring the world through different set of eyes and conversations with people will lead to the discovery of one’s true self. So today I’m still exploring and wondering around to know more about myself and this world.

Hello, friends! I am Carol, 22 years old and an architecture student from the PH. I listen to the tunes of KPOP, especially BTS. Creating art is my passion (as cliche as it sounds, it’s quite true!) and I’m looking forward to becoming an architect/slash/writer in the near future, fulfilling the best of both worlds.

Heya! I’m Marcus, a 25 year old from Singapore. I enjoy all things to do with computer science and I’m extremely happy and honored to have supported multiple artists and projects in the minting and distribution of their NFTs. When I’m not at my computer, which doesn’t happen often, I enjoy fishing, running, and fast cars.

Ohayo! I’m Erika, a 24 year old graphic designer with a knack for simple and clean design. When I’m not buried under a heavy workload, I enjoy going out, watching feel-good shows, playing games, and having interesting conversations with friends over food and drinks.

Namaste,  I’m Josh, a Web Developer by day, and a Tinkerer by night that can’t function without a cup of coffee. Whenever I have free time, you’ll catch me either reading up on the newest tech, playing games,  making random electronics, or building custom keyboards. 

Hello! Elibo here. Just a tiny bunny from the Philippines hoping to contribute to something greater — such as this project. You’ll find me admiring the sky when I’m not stuck staring at my computer screen.