Second Collection Sold Out

Donation Receipt – 09/27/2021

Policy ID: 0b28027fdb48b5f7f97e8c93e5939bc85eb9f0e7fe93e354672ce67d

If you’re a newbie in CRYPTO, CARDANO, NFTs—perhaps you may want to check out this link first for more guidance. 

Kindly take note to make a transaction only using your Cardano-Shelley wallet of choice (Daedalus, Yoroi).

Warning: Sending ADA from exchanges like Binance or Coinbase will result in you losing your NFT forever.
You will also not be refunded.

Once you receive your isladiwa NFT, you can check it out at then enter your wallet address. Voila!
We thank you for your massive support that will greatly help our beneficiaries—PAWSsion Project and BAYANInitiatives