What is an NFT?

A nonfungible token is a unique cryptographic token permanently stored on a blockchain. An NFT can represent a unique piece of art, analogous to an original painting, signed baseball card, numbered limited-edition print.

Every NFT is unique, they can be used to authenticate ownership of digital assets like artworks, recordings, and virtual real estate or pets.

The Cardano blockchain now supports a variety of artistic Non-Fungible Token projects.

Cardano, which was designed from the outset to have a small carbon footprint and has recently launched its own fast-growing NFT platform.

These projects provide a unique opportunity for artists to profit and provide value to the Cardano ecosystem. They also provide unique opportunities for collectors.

How can I see my NFTs?

Pool.pm displays a graphical representation of your NFTs given a receive address from your wallet.

How do I know my NFT is unique?

Each native token type on the Cardano platform is associated with a policy ID, which can be used to distinguish a genuine token from a counterfeit one, as it is not to use someone else’s minting policy without having access to their wallet secret keys.

Additionally, some minting policies are time-locked, and cannot be used by anyone after a specified slot. Entering a policy ID in a blockchain explorer like cardanoscan.io will return more information about the tokens minted under that policy. In addition, each NFT minted under the same policy has a unique asset ID.

Current valid policy IDs include: